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We provide our customers with the highest quality removable pool safety fences, vinyl perimeter fencing, pool covers, pool nets, gate and door alarms, and pool surface alarms.


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Our pool fences, pool nets, and pool covers are made to order for every project so that your pool looks great and is safe for you and your family for years to come.

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About Us

Operating in the Southern California region of the United States, Pool Safety Pros is your safety solution. We are licensed, bonded, and insured contractors. We sell and install swimming pool safety barriers, including removable pool fences, vinyl perimeter fencing, safety nets, safety covers, and alarms to protect your children, pets, and loved ones.

  • Highest quality pool fences built here in the United States.
  • Year-round Discounts including Military, Senior, and Off-Season Incentives.
  • We focus on enhancing the safety of swimming pools and spas.
  • All of our products meet or exceed ASTM standards.
  • Only adults can remove our barriers, to keep your family safe.
  • Made with the strongest materials available for a secure barrier.

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Products & Services

Pool fences, nets, and covers by Pool Safety Pros are easy-to-use removable barriers that provide a dependable and great looking layer of safety for your pool or spa. Our Alarms provide an extra layer of security alerting you whenever someone might be at risk. Fencing is made of durable transparent mesh fabric held by aircraft-grade aluminum poles. Our covers and nets are made from ultra-strong polyethylene twine that prevent children from crawling under or falling through. Both barrier types can be easily removed and rolled up for compact storage. All of our products meet or exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

Pool Fences

Fencing is extremely strong and durable. Self-latching, self-closing, lockable gates can be opened by adults but prevent access by children. Gates and fencing are climb-resistant, the fine mesh prevents children from securing a foothold as they might with traditional fencing.

Pool Nets

Ultra-strong polyethylene netting gives our nets the capacity to hold the weight of a child and two adults, rated at 485 lbs. The marine-grade brass anchors and machine stamped stainless steel clips together, create an exceptionally durable barrier.

Pool Covers

Pool Safety Pros mesh pool covers are specialized for safety. Covers are a great option for owners that encounter a lot of debris and want a way to help to keep their pool safe and clean throughout the year with the least amount of effort.

Vinyl Perimeter Fencing

Our Vinyl Perimeter Fencing is made from virgin vinyl and constructed domestically in the United States. This fencing provides a great looking barrier to help protect your yard and your loved ones so that you can enjoy your pool with peace of mind.

Gate & Door Alarms

Gate and Door Alarms are one of the best ways to provide your pool with an extra layer of security by notifying you anytime the gate or door to your pool is opened by someone. The alarm is loud enough to be heard from inside your house and warn you.

Surface Alarms

Surface Alarms are exactly what they sound like. Anytime the surface of your pool is noticeably perturbed, like a person, pet, or large object falling in, the alarm will sound and notify you that the surface of your pool should be investigated.

Free Onsite Estimate

We love to visit our customers in person so they can get to know us and we can answer any questions that they might have. We also bring samples with us and so that customers can get a hands-on experience with our products.

Installation & Removal

Not only can we install a new safety barrier of your choice, but we can also evaluate potential projects firsthand and offer our expertise. We can remove and dispose of any barriers that you no longer want, or we can install it in a new location for you.

Discounts & Incentives

We offer year-long opportunities to save including seasonal, military, and senior discounts to encourage business. Ask about our discounts and promotions when contacting us and we'll explain available programs.


Get a glimpse of our latest projects from around Southern California, you can see what our products look like once they're fully installed, you might even see exactly what you're looking for.

Pool Fence 10 Days

Family Protection

This family wanted a pool fence to protect their newborn son and their three-year-old daughter. Once the fence was installed they could rest easy.

Location Temecula
Pool Fence 17 Days

Wooden Deck

This client wanted a pool fence for protection but didn't want to compromise his wooden deck. We were able to accomodate them with our custom design process.

Location Encinitas
Pool Fence 26 Days

Custom Color

Having their fence match their perimeter fencing was an important feature desired by this customer. With our fencing options we were able to give them what they were looking for.

Location Escondido
Pool Fence 20 Days

Visiting Grandchildren

These retirees have their grandkids visit them often on the weekends. They're not always using the pool when they're using the backyard though, so they wanted a safety barrier.

Location Rancho Santa Fe
Pool Fence 15 Days

Child Safety

This client was teaching their children to swim. They needed a safety fence to keep their kids out of the pool when they weren't around to supervise.

Location Alpine
Pool Fence 28 Days

Required Perimeter

This customer needed a removeable design and they were upfront about what they wanted, they were just trying to comply with California's pool safety regulations.

Location Riverside

Our Team

The Pool Safety Pros team works hard every day to ensure our customers receive superior service, qualtiy products, and a great price.

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Co-Owner & Founder

Terry is a long-time family friend of Joe, he has been in the pool business for over 30 years and has the most experience on the Pool Safety Pros team.

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Co-Owner & Founder

Joe got into the pool business over 20 years ago and has experience in multiple areas including entire pool installations, putting in water features, and cleaning services.

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